Not Your Typical Neighborhood Bar

There's nothing but good times at our bar with pool tables and cartoons in Shreveport, LA

Looking for a bar that all of your friends will love? Your whole squad will enjoy spending time at Tasha's Tavern. We're a bar with pool tables and lots of other games in Shreveport, LA. During your night out with us, you can:

Get a meal from a food truck on our lot
Play a casual or competitive game of pool or virtual poker
Kick back with a brew and watch your favorite cartoons from back in the day

Where else can you find a bar with food trucks and nostalgic cartoons? Stop by tonight to experience our awesome setup for yourself.

Show off your love for our local bar

Want to support our local bar with pool tables and cartoons? We offer cool merchandise, including:

  • Shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Hoodies

When people see your stylish new merch and ask where you got it, send them to our bar with food trucks and great drinks.